Shrooqal Shams Gen Trd

SHROOQAL, Established in April 2012, SHROOQAL SHAMS is one of the M/s Alowais Group of company from UAE, Alowais Group has 25-Years track record business at UAE in various field, SHROOQAL SHAMS headed by Mr.Mohamed Nasir Alowais, who is one of the Senior Chair person of M/s. Alowais Group

Chairman : Mr.Mohamed Nasir Alowais
Technical : Mr. S.Manoharan

Mr.Mohamed Nasir Alowais

SHROOQAL is a multifaceted company advancing the development commercialization and deployment of renewable energy solutions and clean technologies.

SHROOQAL works with global partner Vaigunth Ener Tek (P) Ltd to integrate new research with proven technologies to produce efficient systems and processes that can be replicated globally.

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