ADsorption Chiller

Capturing and using waste heat could be one of the largest conservation and greenhouse gas reduction opportunities. It cuts carbon and help to protect the environment. ADsorption technology is the way forward in waste heat utilization. It offers a highly reliable, efficient solution that takes waste heat from the cogeneration process to operate the chiller. The ADsorption chiller provide continuous operation with remarkable efficiency, it is also safer for the environment and offers much lower life cycle costs.

Efficiency Waste Heat Utilization Operating Principle Models Advantages

EnerTek Adsorption chillers are ideal for solar thermal applications and can also be used alongside district heating systems. It offers huge energy and carbon saving potential, not only within a tri-generation application (i.e. combined cooling, heating and power) but also in any application where an abundance of waste heat is produced and a requirement for cooling or refrigeration exists.

EnerTek Adsorption Chiller produce maximized output with minimized impact and lower costs. It is a highly reliable, efficient solution that takes waste heat to produce chilled water, which in turn can be used for cooling and linked into refrigeration applications. ADsorption technology produces chilled water down to as low as 10°C as required, making it ideal for any application with a high cooling demand such as process cooling, supermarkets and data centres.

Within a wide range of temperatures from 80°C to 120°C of pressurized hot water, the chilled water down to 10°C. The conditioned cool air will be produced around 20°C.

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