Alupoly Fiber Tank

Alupoly Tank is one of the largest families; run different types of tank manufacturers. Shrooqal is supplying tanks in many forms by using Alupoly material. Alupoly tanks are structurally strong, corrosion-resistant, watertight, lightweight and easy to install. It is leak-free storage and also for very long term usage. Another advantage of Alupoly FRP is that the flexible design options with flexible color options.
A vision of maintenance-free clean water storage became the key driver to product development. We focus our worldwide marketing efforts on the advantage of storing water hygienically for extended periods of time. Alupoly Water Storage Tanks are versatile due to their modularity, low maintenance, and excellent thermal and hygenic properties.
Alupoly tank to the size and shape best suited to every need of the customer. Assembly and installation is straight forward, and may be carried out by the user or his contractor.

Advantages Models Sizes Application Types Maintenance

Pure, clean water at all times and for all purposes – drinking, domestic or industrial

No Algae Growth:

The growth of algae and other micro-organisms is closely related to light. To prevent this requires light transmission of less than 0.1% in direct sunlight. Alupoly Tanks molded panels have a light transmission of less than 0.005%, to prevent algae growth.

No Bacterial Growth:

Water Tanks are hot press molded with perfectly smooth finish, eliminating the problem at the source.

Minimal Cleaning Requirement:

The smooth interior surfaces, and free-draining design, Alupoly Water Tanks minimizes any opportunity for pollutants, whether originating internally or externally, to develop and accumulate.

Complete Drainage:

Complete and fast drainage from the lowest point is thus ensured, with no possibility for static water to accumulate and become stale or contaminated


Alupoly tank is manufactured by Alupoly FRP. This material has the characteristics of flexural strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, impact strength, barcol hardness. (The Alupoly material test reports are available in our website)

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